The increased volume of vehicles, people, noise and activity generated by a complex of this scale will irreversibly change our neighbourhood.

The huge destination pool is intended to have a sport training focus so Kitsilano families and residents, and current community centre patrons, are not intended to be the main beneficiaries.

These facilities are most often built on the edges of a city, not in a residential neighbourhood and this space is simply not appropriate; for example: Hillcrest Centre; Grandview Heights Aquatic Centre; West Vancouver Aquatic Centre and Community Centre; Complex Aquatic de Laval.

Along with the loss of the peaceful enjoyment of our neighbourhood, we are concerned about the impact on property values, the probable loss of the Farmer’s Market, the loss of the playground and community garden, and people parking in the neighbourhood to avoid parking fees.

The recent approval of the Broadway subway, which will end at Arbutus and Broadway, already promises to considerably transform the area, along with possible business and residential development in the terminus area, and a bus terminal to take commuters further along Broadway.

The Community Centre will no longer serve the community, but will instead serve the city, and will no longer be a hub to foster and create community within Kitsilano.

If the facility is built on the east side of the park, the park will be sandwiched in between two huge buildings, the megaplex to the east and Kitsilano High School to the west. No large community parks in Vancouver are configured like this, with buildings on either end.

Building a centralized, destination facility runs counter to the City of Vancouver’s Greenest City initiative to encourage, walking, cycling and the use of public transit as people will be driving from all over the city to reach this destination.

The test fit reveals the megaplex would be approximately 15 metres high or higher, so residents will look out on a very large building that would likely cast a large shadow.