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The Connaught Park Megapool Proposal: good community planning?

On April 5, 2018, plans for the proposed megapool complex at Connaught Park were unexpectedly put on hold until 2019. The Park Board will invite an external advisory committee, which stakeholders can apply to join in the coming months, to help develop a revised version of the city-wide aquatics strategy that includes this plan. Read a summary of the plan to date.

The architectural test fit plans for a potentially 160,000 square foot, two-story facility with pay parking.


A destination facility will have irreversible impact on the neighbourhood, community centre and park

The megapool complex will draw thousands of people daily and turn the area into a busy destination. We are concerned that a facility this big will radically reshape our neighbourhood, park and community centre, and cause traffic and parking issues. We are also concerned that our community has not been properly informed or consulted about this proposed massive change.

Read our concerns and what others in the community have said.

Background Stories and Information

Megapool plan overview

In 2016, the Park Board began work on a 25-year city-wide aquatics strategy called VanSplash. It was completed in December of 2017. The resulting strategy includes recommendations to build several …