Should our hoods have a say?

City of Vancouver may soon approve zoning changes in most single family zoned areas but impacted residents not given direct notice

The City of Vancouver’s planning department is recommending zoning changes for greater density in almost all of the 57% of the city that is zoned for single family dwellings (RS zoning). If approved on September 18, 2018, the city-wide rezoning will allow duplexes and a secondary suite or lock-off units in duplexes.

The City of Vancouver has not directly notified the home owners in these areas that information sessions are being held this week about the changes. They have not been informed that the changes are up for approval September 18, 2018. The other significant zoning changes set to be heard the same day involved a direct mail out to impacted households alerting them of city information meetings to attend.

Residents who do not find out about the planned rezoning will not be given an opportunity to speak or write to city council to share their views on the proposed rezoning prior to it being potentially approved.

All of the coloured areas on the above map, with the exception of the green, grey and red (marked) areas, will be impacted by the change

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